I recall reading somewhere on the web that "About Me" page is the most important page in a blog, as this is where the newcomers visit before attempting to read the actual blog. If this does not elicit their interest, the blogger fails in the first instance. I am quite certain that the title of my blog sums up what I am as a person fundamentally. For the pedants, please check my Linkedin profile which contains an overview of my educational qualifications and professional career.

Then why this page, you ask?

It is merely a smart (or otherwise) clickbait to raise your expectations before you read my posts.
Who should read this blog?
Anyone who :
- is a beginner and curious about some of the technology but unsure as to how to get started.
- does not wish to get their hands dirty but just to enrich their knowledge and to gain a better understanding of the technology.
- is into customer engagement or management and wish to sincerely engage in meaningful conversations with their stakeholders
- has an active social life and time scarce to learn by themselves
This blog may not be useful to you if you are a:
- Professional developer
- Aspiring developer
- Hard core techie
Or someone who is looking for more in-depth technical insights. My apologies.
What will get you get out of my posts?
I will be chronicling my learning with some of the technologies. The technologies span across several areas but broadly falls into the current trending topics that include cloud (AWS, Azure, GCP, et al.), Virtualization(Container, Dockers et al), Application Management (Kubernetes,CI/CD tools etc.) and machine learning. You may either find it helpful or just claptrap. Whilst my aim is to provide useful and relevant information, you may find it either helpful or pure gimmicks.
Why did I start this blog?
Whilst I started writing the blog as a way to effectively manage my insomnia, the main purpose of this blog is to share my knowledge. I owe the knowledge that I have gained so far, to my friends and colleagues who have been extremely altruistic and enthusiastic in sharing their knowledge. I should also give immense credit to the strangers in the online tech community who have enriched my knowledge. This blog is my humble attempt to pay it forward. I am not after massive number of hits for my blog as that is not my purpose. If you are here, there’s a fair chance that I brazenly shared this link with you. But if you stumbled upon my blog by chance and find any of my posts helpful, I have achieved my purpose. If you do not find it useful, I'm still thankful for your visit. Just remember to pay it forward.
Please share your thoughts
I strongly encourage and kindly request you to share your views. Feel free to challenge me, disagree with me and share your thoughts in the comments section. Nothing is off limits as long as they are constructive and not offensive. I solely reserve the right to delete any comment that is offensive and does not add value to the constructive discussion.
Legal Disclaimer
I need my day job to fund my gadgets, vacations, and beers. So, please be aware that this is a personal weblog. The opinions expressed here represent my own and not those of my past, current & future employer.