Yesterday, I had an interesting conversation with one of my associates. He was bragging about getting an approval to hire 10 data scientists to drive AI in his business unit for his company. When I inquired him about the overall team composition and whether these data scientists will be part of a larger data science team, he stated that the team would be an isolated, fully autonomous, hard-core ( not sure what it means!) team of scientists led by a lead data scientist. So, primarily, it was just a team full of data scientists!!!

This situation reminded me of one of the scenarios elucidated by Cassie Kozyrkov in her brilliant post on why businesses fail at machine learning?Many executives fail to understand or completely miss two critical aspects of putting a together an AI team. One, understand the real business objective(s) of adopting ML and two, Machine Learning is a team sport !!!

When it comes to machine learning, many organizations are in the wrong business. - Cassie Kozyrkov

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