Microsoft AI Labs recently showcased a new project Sketch2code , an AI application that transforms any hand written design into HTML code.The steps are pretty straightforward. Take a picture of your sketch and upload the picture. Then the Microsoft's custom vision AI model kicks in,abracadabra, you will have the HTML code.Yes, us in sales pretty much leave all the important details :) Here's a picture that shows the high level workflow and you can read more about here.

The idea is pretty cool and gave it a quick try.The results were not as good as the ones you get with sample images. May be it's my awful handwriting and drawing skills that have to be blamed! The screenshots below show the results

If you want to geek it out further on AI driven design-to-code projects, you might be interested in a paper submitted by Tony Beltramelli CEO of uizard. Uizard is also pursuing similar projects.Check out the below links

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